RISUN EXPANSE CORP is a DC brushless motor technology company specializing in the development and integration of the three fields of "mechanical, magnetic and electronic". We specialize in the integrated development of magnetic and electrical composite material elements, and have developed a series of DC brushless motor products with a world class innovative, low energy, and fine-tuned axial air gap coreless stator. We have won many international awards for patents, inventions and innovations related to motors! The motor magneto-matrix flattened stator module can be said to be a leading component in the field of invention and innovation.

The company’s business philosophy of “professionalism, responsibility and innovation” is also our highest guiding principle.

Looking at the smart AI century, we will think about innovative brushless motor technology with new ideas, develop multi-purpose and low-power green energy motor products that support high endurance, to create product differentiation, increase the added value of customer products, and transform traditional industries into new technology, in order to enhance the company's competitiveness.

RISUN EXPANSE CORP is committed to pursuing the benefits of subtle motors, creating product value that meets the needs of the trend, commercializing and internationalizing its own patents, willing to share the profits with the company's OEM / ODM customers and commodity agents, and jointly create a smart green capable and ergonomic micro motor market!